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3 ways to arm yourself against Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers have yet to find a cause for the increase in the number of Alzheimer’s diagnoses or a cure, but their consistent and intensive research has revealed that poor lifestyle choices play a major role in increasing chances of developing the disease.

As with most diseases, prevention is better than cure.  Here are 3 ways to lower your risk of dementia, as determined by researchers at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference:

Get on a mental treadmill

You brain needs as much exercise as your body to stay healthy, and doing mind-work like crosswords, Sudoku or creative writing are great ways for seniors to keep their brains active.  Long before a person reaches senior status keeping the brain alive by learning languages or how to play a musical instrument is the best way to protect the brain from the onset of degenerative diseases, or at the very least prolong the onset of symptoms.

Brain exercise works by strengthening the nerve cells which enable the brain to withstand damage from the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Get on a real treadmill

Well you don’t necessarily have to join a gym but at least get some exercise.  Go for a brisk walk for 20mins four times a week, which will not only protect your heart and ward off cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure, but by doing so it also lowers your risk of dementia.  Although it is never too late to start exercising, it does help to start early.  A sedentary young life very often affects your brain as much as your body later in life.

Sleep tight

Some people think that sleep interferes with life, and accordingly aim for the bare minimum amount in order to be able to function.  What they probably don’t realise is that sleep equates to life.  Poor sleep will make your brain feel “fuzzy” and you won’t be able to function at your highest brain capacity.  This means your brain isn’t getting the exercise it needs to defend itself against the build-up of dementia causing proteins.

With millions of people being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s every year can you afford not to look after your body and your brain in order to avoid becoming another statistic?

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